London Olympics

Just a few weeks to go till the London Olympics!!

Can’t wait for my once in a lifetime chance to watch Gymnastics LIVE at the Olympics. I hope I don’t need binoculars because our seats are too far away…

But nothing will dampen my spirits! 




I realised that if I didn’t write a post today, I would miss May too. 

May has flown by rather quickly, and I think it was quite eventful! We gained some new knowledge at a property investment course, and hopefully we can put it to good use sometime in the future and even start putting some of the knowledge to good use now. 

Attended a good friend’s baby’s first month celebration, which was nice because we also got to catch up with some uni friends whom we hadn’t seen for a while. Also met up with old JC friends, one of which is getting married at the end of June, very happy for her! Speaking of marriage, Ion and I have two weddings to attend in June. Love is in the air! 🙂 I love weddings. The start of so much hope and anticipation of wonderful days ahead. 

Also took Mum for a Mothers Day lunch at The Little Fish Shop at NEX mall. Quite a cosy little place. Now, I need to think of a new place to bring Dad for Fathers Day coming up in June :p

We’re ending May off with a dinner date with a good couple friend of ours, at Aston’s tonight.

It’s going to be a great June ahead! 

Missed March

Wow, I totally missed writing a post for March! There goes my continuous streak along the right hand column :p But this post is for March, so that’s counted.

March was a good month, with lots of food indulgences, and I turned 28 too.

Here are my significant memories for March – birthday celebrations 🙂 Ion took me to a Japanese restaurant at Greenwich Mall at the junction of Yio Chu Kang Road and Seletar road, and we went for Awfully Chocolate dessert after =D

Then on 1 Apr, we went to the same mall, but ate at Cedele with the family. Great place, and this Cedele has more menu options than the others! We’ll be back!

All in all, it was a great March. Not so great for the weighing scale though. But still, happy indulgence! Here’s to April, and getting another month closer to Europe! 26 July.


Family photo! Missing three dear family members living in the UK. Quite hilarious how the staff taking the photo is captured in the photo from the mirror too. But at least everyone's face is visible :p


Dinner at Rakuichi Japanese restaurant! Good food 🙂


Dessert after dinner: Choc brownie and choc ice cream at Awfully Chocolate.

Travel Tales

Wow how time has flown by. It’s already mid February and January seems to have just disappeared. We went for a wonderful eight-day honeymoon in Phuket – Spent 4 days in The Village at Coconut Island, and another 4 at Anantara Villa on the Phuket mainland.

Nine buffets in eight days, a villa more than twice the size of our HDB flat (with a personal private swimming pool and jacuzzi), beautiful beaches and a fantastic husband by my side. What more can I say?

Now, the next thing to look forward to is our Europe trip! We’ll be away from 26 July to 30 August 🙂 First stop – After we touch down in Birmingham – it’s to Kenilworth where Nat, Alvin and Ethan live, and a short weekend holiday, all five of us. Then to London for the London Olympics – One Gymnastics match, Two Football matches. Then to Scotland, then [a missing piece which we haven’t planned yet – but thinking it might be Italy and Germany], then back to Kenilworth where we are going for another wonderful weekend getaway with Nat and family – at The Dome Garden, Gloucestershire, Forest of Dean. Can’t wait!

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow and instead of going out this year, we’ve decided to have a nice home-style dinner at home. I’ve decided that we’re going to have mexican enchiladas! =D

The Dankers

In the eyes of ICA, I am now officially known as Beverly Snodgrass-Danker.

So I now have a really long double barrelled surname!

Before 2012…

There are just two and a half days to go before we embark on a new year. What do I have planned?

Had contemplated going for a run tomorrow morning before work but judging by the lack of sleep the past few days, I’m not sure if I want to do that. Because even though I’d have no problems waking up, the afternoon sleepy time is gonna be a killer. So, instead of that, I am thinking of going for a run this evening to burn some of the calorie intake from yesterday’s buffet at Himawari, where I think we ate enough for 2 days. Will see how it goes later.

Tomorrow afternoon, I’ve made an appointment with a law firm to do a deed poll, to add Ion’s surname to my name. While Snodgrass-Danker has a rather interesting ring to it, I’m not really excited about the fact that I’d have to get a new IC made, amend the name in my passport, and call all the banks/CPF to notify them about the change? Hmmm.

Then in the evening, it’s dinner with Nat and ladies night out for drinks with all the ladies in my family (4 of us).

On New Year’s Eve, it’s short jog and breakfast with my 2 dear sisters, followed by a ‘sports injury massage’ with Nat, and a mini gathering with friends at night to welcome in the new year!

And on the first day of the new year, it’s to Sentosa with Nat in the afternoon to try out the Flying Trapeze! Fingers crossed that the weather stays fine. Then dinner with the family.

I am also rather pleased that New Year this year falls on a Sun, which means 2nd Jan is a holiday as well.

Can’t wait for the next few days! Once those are over, I’ll start the countdown to our one week honeymoon on 20 Jan. =D

Now, I am sleepy.

Japanese Buffet at Himawari

We went to Himawari (in the Alexandra area) for an ala carte Japanese buffet yesterday evening. Boy did we eat a lot! And it included free flow of sashimi as well. Fresh fish and seafood, and a huge variety of grilled dishes, fried dishes, tempura, sushi, udon, soba, rice etc. Really worth it.

But I remembered to get the waitress to take a photo of us, when the first round of dishes came. Then, gobble gobble and no more photos. Bon appetit! Or should I say, Itadakimasu (in Japanese- said by the people eating the meal!)!

Us with the first round of food! From left: Alvin, Nat, Moi, Ion, Uncle David and Aunty Doris.

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